Everyone's lost but me! (seriousfic) wrote in sm_movieverse,
Everyone's lost but me!

Spider-Man movieverse fic: The Cost of Wearing Masks (6/24)

Title: The Cost of Wearing Masks
Fandom: Spider-Man movieverse
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 2,583
Author’s Note: Betaed by htbthomas. Takes place after the events of Spider-Man 2, assuming Spider-Man 3 never happened.
Previous Part: Chapter 5
Characters/Pairings: Peter/MJ
Summary: Peter’s lost his job and has his ass kicked. But at least he has someone to come home to.

"You know I’ve publicly rescued you, what, three times? Someone could think I have a crush on you and… try… to… kidnap… you…"
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